INSIDE MONACO : Excellence in Interior Design in Monaco

Monaco, renowned for its luxury and glamour, is an iconic venue for high-end interior design and design. In this respect, INSIDE MONACO has established itself as the reference in interior design in Monaco, offering its clients tailor-made and personalized services to transform their living spaces.

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Inside Monaco: the alliance of enthusiasts for high-end interior design

Founded by two interior architecture and design enthusiasts, Inside Monaco is a company specialising in high-end contemporary interior design. Combining the creative vision of its founders Eric Simonnet and Luc De Veigy, INSIDE offers a wide range of services to meet the most demanding needs of its clients in terms of space planning and design. In this article, we invite you to discover this Monegasque interior design company that combines professional skills and ergonomic solutions adapted to your projects.

The Founders’ Journey

Born from the meeting between Eric Simonnet and Luc De Veigy, INSIDE MONACO has quickly established itself as a reference in terms of interior architecture and design in Monaco and throughout the French Riviera. With their experience and complementarity, these two enthusiasts join forces to bring their desires to life and make their projects a reality. Always on the lookout for innovation, they are constantly looking for new and original ideas to offer their customers unique, functional and aesthetically successful living spaces.

INSIDE MONACO’s expertise for your interior design project

When it comes to renovation or interior design, calling on an experienced interior designer is essential in order to benefit from the best know-how and guarantee a result that meets your expectations. INSIDE MONACO stands out for its innovative and high-end approach, emphasizing design, a refined and refined decoration to intervene in any type of private project, such as: Villa, Apartment, Chalet, Loft, Restaurant, Shop, Offices…

Tailor-made development projects

INSIDE MONACO works closely with each client to design spaces tailored to their needs and lifestyle. Demonstrating creativity and technical rigour, they propose ingenious solutions while respecting budgetary and architectural constraints.

A sharp selection of craftsmen and suppliers

To carry out its projects, INSIDE MONACO collaborates with the best local craftsmen and suppliers. Recognized for their talent and expertise, they guarantee high-end and luxurious finishes with quality materials.

Interior renovation: Excellent know-how

The interior renovation of a home can be complex and represents a significant investment. It is therefore essential to entrust this task to competent and experienced professionals such as those at INSIDE MONACO.

Our Monegasque company, an expert in renovation, offers complete support for your project:
  • Analysis of your needs and desires
  • Setting up a precise set of specifications
  • Research into the various possible design solutions
  • Setting a clear and realistic budget

This way, you can follow each step of the transformation of your space, with confidence and serenity.

Interior design: Enhance your space with style and elegance

In addition to interior design, INSIDE MONACO also offers interior design services focused on luxury, refinement and comfort. Aesthetics are at the heart of our concerns, with particular attention paid to the choice of materials, textures and colours, which will give life and character to your space.

The interior design process takes place in several stages:

  1. Attentive listening to your preferences and consulting your inspirations
  2. Developing a mood board to help you visualize the overall mood of the rooms
  3. Careful selection of furniture, decorative objects and wall coverings to suit your taste and budget
  4. Setting up the chosen elements and making the necessary adjustments to create a perfect harmony

With INSIDE MONACO, your interior design will reflect your personality while bringing luxury and sophistication to your home, your offices, or your shop. An attentive and responsive team for each of your projects INSIDE MONACO attaches great importance to the satisfaction of its customers. Inside Monaco puts all its know-how and expertise at the service of your desires and ensures that each project is carried out in the best possible conditions. INSIDE MONACO wishes to be a true partner for its customers and takes care to accompany them step by step in their interior design and decoration project. Whether you simply want to redecorate a room or completely transform your space, your INSIDE Interior Designer will meet your requirements and offer you innovative and personalized solutions.