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Retail Shops

Improved aesthetics

Your luxury boutique can become more attractive by improving its aesthetics and creating a “Wow effect”. Elegant, high-quality design will showcase your products, helping to boost sales.

Enhanced brand image

Consistent, high-end decor that aligns with your brand’s identity and values can elevate the overall perception of your brand, making it more memorable and influential.


We rethink the store layout, improving circulation and overall ergonomics, offering better working conditions, to optimize the shopping experience while enhancing the presentation of your products.

Space Optimization

We seek to optimize spaces by creating a scenography to better present your products and create better circulation for better interaction with customers.

Energy efficiency

Modern renovations often incorporate energy-efficient designs and technologies. This significantly reduces long-term operating costs, and thus increases overall profitability.


A newly renovated store can attract more visitors due to curiosity and novelty. This increased visibility can lead to a higher number of potential customers.

Relevance & influence

By keeping up with current design trends and technologies, you can make your store attractive to customers, and create a real “buzz” on social networks, enabling you to reach an even wider panel of customers.

Customer-Centric Renovation

Don’t forget that any renovation must be customer-focused, aimed at improving customer experience and satisfaction. By investing in a high-quality renovation, you’re likely to get a clear return on your investment.

Our portfolio

Beauty Institute “ESTHECOACH” – 12
Beauty Institute “ESTHECOACH” – 11
Beauty Institute “ESTHECOACH” – 10
Beauty Institute “ESTHECOACH” – 09
Beauty Institute “ESTHECOACH” – 08
Beauty Institute “ESTHECOACH” – 07
Beauty Institute “ESTHECOACH” – 06
Beauty Institute “ESTHECOACH” – 05
Beauty Institute “ESTHECOACH” – 04
Beauty Institute “ESTHECOACH” – 03
Beauty Institute “ESTHECOACH” – 02
Beauty Institute “ESTHECOACH” – 01
Restaurant “CALIFORNIE” – 07
Restaurant “CALIFORNIE” – 06
Restaurant “CALIFORNIE” – 05
Restaurant “CALIFORNIE” – 04
Restaurant “CALIFORNIE” – 03
Restaurant “CALIFORNIE” – 02
Restaurant “CALIFORNIE” – 01
Real Estate Agency “JOHN TAYLOR” – 07
Real Estate Agency “JOHN TAYLOR” – 06
Real Estate Agency “JOHN TAYLOR” – 05
Real Estate Agency “JOHN TAYLOR” – 04
Real Estate Agency “JOHN TAYLOR” – 03
Real Estate Agency “JOHN TAYLOR” – 02
Real Estate Agency “JOHN TAYLOR” – 01
Yachting CompanyMonaco Office   – 05
Yachting CompanyMonaco Office   – 04
Yachting CompanyMonaco Office   – 03
Yachting CompanyMonaco Office   – 02
Yachting CompanyMonaco Office   – 01
Hair Spa “KS VIBES” – 07
Hair Spa “KS VIBES” – 06
Hair Spa “KS VIBES” – 05
Hair Spa “KS VIBES” – 04
Hair Spa “KS VIBES” – 03
Hair Spa “KS VIBES” – 02
Hair Spa “KS VIBES” – 01
Bar lounge “BEFORE” – 07
Bar lounge “BEFORE” – 06
Bar lounge “BEFORE” – 05
Bar lounge “BEFORE” – 04
Bar lounge “BEFORE” – 03
Bar lounge “BEFORE” – 02
Bar lounge “BEFORE” – 01

our TEAM

Our team of internationally renowned Interior Architects and Designers selects for you the finest brands, the finest materials, the most beautiful furniture designs, and uses cutting-edge design technologies to enhance and magnify your interior spaces.

Working in close collaboration with you, we will be your sole point of contact, always ready to listen to you and bring your project to fruition, while providing our expertise to make your interior spaces unique and timeless.

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